Day Trips

Once your a member we will accept you to the EUWSC Windy Sports page. Drivers often post on the page offering spots in there car with a small fee of sharing the cost of fuel. If your free on that day comment bellow to get the spot. We use a first come first basis so if you want to get out on the water keep checking the group for spots.

If you have a car and your new to the club there is no better way to meet other members. Please post if you can spare a seat, I’m sure you guys know how addictive the sport can be.

The first thing you need to know about the east coast is its windy here, very windy and naturally very gusty as well. So if your bringing kit from home I wouldn’t bring anything bigger than a 5.5 metre sail or 12 metre kite. I’ve found Windguru to be the most reliable but nothing beats an actual witness so keep an eye on other groups like the Edinburgh Kiteboarders and the Caledonian Windsurf Club. If you in to waveriding and your confident in an off shore try and get in a surfers car to Belhaven and Pease otherwise here are a couple of spots i’d recommend for both Windsurfing and Kitesurfing if you aren’t up to that standard.

Excellent windsurf spot for getting air. Works best on a southwesterly with plenty of ramps coming from the North west. Unfortunately now you have to pay for parking.

Excellent flat Kite surf and windsurf freestyle spot. Really shallow on a low tide. Works best with a south westerly or south for Windsurfing or a south westerly or Westerly for Kiting.

Excellent windsurf freestyle spot when off shore as its shallow for miles at mid to low tide and completely flat. Just make sure you don’t go alone as the shelf of sand eventually drops off.

Definitely worth the drive on an insanely windy westerly or south westerly. Huge ramps up to 4ft at a complete right angle to the wind. Awesome for Windsurf and Kitesurf wave riding.