Hollaaaa your President here! My name is Emily and my job is make sure the club runs as smoothly as possible. I have been a member of the club for two years and it’s been a rollercoaster of beaches, waves and lots of fun! I am a forth year Physics with Meteorology student and love everything from weather to waves. I am also here to make sure you have a great time as part of our club so feel free to come to me with any questions, surfing or social related. If you are a newbie or not, everyone is welcome and I hope to see you catching waves soon!

Buenos Dias, I’m Patrick the club Secretary, resident Kitesurfer and resident Windsurf instructor. I convene with the others to arrange both lessons and trips for the wind lovers out there as well as countless surf lessons all year round. I also make sure you guys don’t miss out on the latest news and events. At Uni I’m studying my forth year of Computer Science and Physics and i’m currently hunting for start up jobs on the west coast. So if you know about all the best spots in California or you just want know about the Windsurfing and Kitesurfing side of the club, come speak to me and I hope to see you all on the water soon.

I’m Sophie Stenson, I’m a 3rd year Zoology student from Switzerland and I’m the publicity and alumni officer for the year. I started surfing 2 years ago on the South West coast of France, and since have met some of the best people in my life through surfing and made some of the best memories. I’ll be taking photos and videos at socials and on surf trips and updating the Facebook page, as well as organising alumni events and sponsorship deals for the club.

My name is Jackson, I’m from the U.S. I’m a fourth year law student at Edinburgh and I’ve been in the club for almost a year. I started surfing in New York a few years ago and got hooked. It has basically ruined my life but I’ve had a lot of fun in the process. I joined the club in third year after several of my friends went on Erasmus. Since then I’ve gotten good waves all over Scotland (and some in France) and I’ve met lots of great people. I only wish I had gotten involved with the club straight away.

I’m your Social Secretary alongside my partner in crime Megan, and it’s our job to make every Thursday night one to remember. As well as organising the drunken antics of socials, I’m also here to be a friendly face in the club, so feel free to ask me anything. I’m in my 2nd year studying Social Anthropology, and joined the club having never before been on a surf board… I’m still an absolute rookie but hoping to get better this year!

I’m a third year single honours Politics student and the token bodyboarder of the club. My first experience I can remember of surfing and the ocean was playing in the shorebreak at Waimanalo with a plastic tray when I was around 7 years old, arriving at Edinburgh to study really pushed my surfing in terms of confidence in the ocean and ability to ride different types of waves. My committee role is that of the Lock Up Manager which entails keeping the lockup clean and organised and looking into purchasing/repairing the equipment.

My name is Loïc, I am from Nice in France and this year I will be treasurer of the surf club (and studying medical sciences when I am not surfing…). I have been involved for the past two years of uni and I have absolutely loved it! The trips are great, the socials are hectic, and the people are amazing. Join EUWSC and you’ll have the best 4 years of your life!

I’m a 2nd year physics student from Belgium, and I’ve had a great time ever since I joined the surf club last year. I’ll be organising all our big trips alongside with Jackson to make sure you can escape university work on weekends. Think empty line-ups and crowded dance floors. The water is warm I promise.
So get involved and you’ll be on a tropical Scottish beach in no time!

Hey, I am Megan and with Joanna we make up your social secs for the year! we will be planing some crazy fun nights out so that you can get to know all the awesome people in the club and make sure that Thursday nights out are the best! I am a Second year Fashion Design student and joined the club last year. I had an amazing time at the socials and going on trips around Scotland. I can’t wait for this year to begin and am very exited to meet all the new members, so don’t hesitate to come and say hi!