Bonjour les amis,
My name is Loïc, I am a second year medical student and I will be El Presidente and the club’s surf instructor for this year, making sure everyone is getting the most out of the Scottish waves and wind! I come from Nice, France, where the waves are non existent, but I have been lucky to surf loads in Scotland the last 4 years and travel to Portugal, Indonesia and the west coast of France. Whether you want to charge the heaviest breaks around Scotland with some nutters (never trust Stephen when he says “yeah it looks pretty small”) or you are a complete beginner who wants to try surfing for the first time, you’ll have an amazing time with EUWSC!

Hi, my name is Harry. I’m the secretary for EUWSC and currently in my 4th year studying Fine Art Sculpture. I have been part of surfing since my first year and can’t wait to see you all in the water!

Aloha! I’m Vikki, and I’ll be the club Treasurer this year. This will be my third year in the club and I can’t wait, it’s been the highlight of my uni experience. I joined on a whim after trying surfing in Cornwall a few years ago and haven’t looked back since. The trips are indescribably fun, to the most beautiful places (seriously, google some pics of Tiree right now), and it’s allowed me to become a part of an awesome community of people I didn’t know before. We have everyone from complete beginners to high level surfers in the club, so please feel welcome regardless of level. You’ll have the time of your life, trust me!

Hey I’m Sofia, one of your social secs next year, and I’m ready to bring some Spanish moves to our weekly socials! Currently entering second year of an Environmental Sciences degree, I’ve been surfing for a couple of years now, although I am still trying to get used to the freezing waters of Scotland. Along with my flatmate Zoe, we will make sure you are never bored on a Thursday night! See ya soon!

My name is Jules and I’ll be one of the two trip organisers this year! I’m a fourth year Computational Physics student and I love a good pint (or two) to forget all about it. I’m from Belgium/Germany and picked up surfing when I was 16. Since then I’ve had an absolute blast joining EUWSC both in the water and at the pub. I’ve surfed anything from Fiji to Eisbach river wave but you’ll see me paddling around on a foamie for brownish ankle high waves most of the time. I’ve been away last year and stoked to be back in the club to meet all the new faces! Yeeeee!

My name is Stephen and I’m a 4th year engineering student. This year, together with Jules, I will be organizing the big surf trips to Newquay, Tongue, Thurso, Tiree, and France. I learned to surf when I was 13 and have spent that last 6 years surfing around Scotland. I’ve gotten to know some of the local spots pretty well so if you have any questions just send me a message. I’m always keen to skip Uni if the waves are firing, and if its big I’ll be out there calling you into the sets. Just ask Loic.

Hi I’m Jamie, third year geology and physical geography student. I’ve been windsurfing for a long time now. Spending my summers in Greece and in cold Scottish waters in the winter, I’ll be out in any and all conditions if there is wind involved! As your new windsurf convener I’m looking forward to organising some sick trips out of Edinburgh and getting as many new people in to the sport as possible!

Hi I’m Pablo, this year I’ll be the surf instructor for the club, my responsibilities are to make sure that you learn how stand up, drop into Loic’s waves, go along the face of the wave and most importantly how to not to drown. I’m a second year Maths student so if you need help analyzing why Colin is so handsome, I’ll give you a hand. I’ve been surfing since I was little and I love it, I figured the club was a nice way to surf consistently, which it is, but I also found a beautiful group of people that make every situation exciting and fun.

Heyy, I’m Zoe one of the social secs. I’m 2nd year biology student and started surfing in my first year at Edinburgh. Loving it as all waves are over head for me. Me and Sofia can’t wait to see you at the socials.

How’s it? I’m Sam, a 3rd year Biochemistry student and I’ll be your lockup manager this year. I’ll be keeping all the clubs boards and suits in top condition so nothing will stop you from ripping on every swell that rolls through this year. I’ve been surfing over half my life and it’s more than likely you’ll catch me out on most swells, so hit me up if you’re ever wanting to head out or have any questions about anything equipment related. Keep it steezy, bru.

Coming soon!

I’m Andy, 5th year Mechanical Engineering student, and I’ll be your Media and Publicity officer this year. Being involved in EUWSC has been one of the best experiences of my time at uni, and you are guaranteed to have some memorable times with us! I’ll be behind the lens making you all look beautiful in photos, edits and sporting our merchandise. Message me if you need the discount codes for our sponsors.