Hey! Your President here! My name is Emily and my job is make sure the club runs as smoothly as possible. This is my second year of being President so I hope to make the club bigger and better. I have been a member of the club for three years and it’s been a roller coaster of beaches, waves and lots of fun! I am a 5th year Physics with Meteorology student and I love everything from weather to waves. I am also here to make sure you have a great time as part of our club so feel free to come to me with any questions, surfing or social related. If you are a newbie or not, everyone is welcome and I hope to see you catching waves soon!

My name is Loïc, I am from Nice in France and this year I will be secretary and surf instructor of the surf club. I have been involved for the past three years of uni and I have absolutely loved it! The trips are great, the socials are hectic, and the people are amazing. Join EUWSC and you won’t regret it!

Hello! I’m the treasurer of EUWSC, in my third year studying social anthropology, and being in the sea is one of my favourite things. Freshers who want to try something new – don a wetsuit and get in the water! The clubs amazing trips and social life has been a huge highlight at uni, although I’m still learning so hope to improve my surfing this year!

Hi , I’m Vikki. I’ll be one of your social secs next year, and am ecstatic that my talent for telling everyone I love them when I’m drunk has been noticed and turned into an official role.
I fell in love with surfing, and incidentally my other half Harry, under the tropical Cornwall sun last year and haven’t looked back since. This year we will be channeling all of our love for each other and the club into making every Thursday night the best of your life….

Hi, I’m Harry and I’ll be the social Sec for this year. I’m currently entering third year of a Fine Art degree at the College of Art. However, my love for surfing came from being forced to go on a beach trip to avoid the flatmate I had thrown up on the previous night. From then on it’s been sun, sea and surfing with my partner in crime Vikki.

Wazzaaaaaa!! I’m Quentin, a french surfer currently studying Structural Engineering and Architecture. Along with David, I’m your trip organiser this year, which means that we will be making sure you guys have a chance to surf and party around the UK, and even across Europe! Looking forward to seeing you around!

My name is David, I come from France and I’m a second year geology student. I’m in charge with my friend Quentin of organising dope trips for the surf club (or trying to at least). I’ ve started surfing approx.4 years ago and i’ve been in love with the sport ever since. Apart from surfing, I enjoy animated cinema, music festivals and (like everyone) beer.

For the second year running I am the clubs surf instructor and by public demand the resident taxi driver. I started surfing in my first year and have had the most insane experiences in and out of the water through surfing since then. Having gained my level 1 surf instructor and beach lifeguard qualifications with Loic during our third year, I am now a fully qualified instructor. I get pumped on anything from a novelty ripple to well overhead using any craft I can get my hands on. Dream date, sunset log sesh followed by soft-boiled eggs.

Hi I’m Oscar! I’m in second year studying biological sciences. I’ve been kitesurfing and surfing since I was young, in Cornwall. My role will be to run kitesurf and windsurf lessons, looking after all the equipment and planning a windy sports trip out of Edinburgh! Please feel free to ask me any questions and hopefully see you guys out on the water!

Que pasa!! I’m Rob, a 3rd year biomedical science student with a love for all board sports, especially surfing. I’m going to be the guy behind the lens this year for EUWSC, responsible for taking photos, making edits and organising sponsors.

My name is Colin and I will be the Lock Up Manager this year. I will try my best to keep things tidy for you all, so you can grab gear and get wet faster. If I am not in around the Lock Up I am being a second-year PhD student researching the use of conflict markets in Asian art history. I’ve been surfing for over twenty years and am always happy talking shop. If you want to push yourself in the water we have a crew that is ready to surf bigger and heavier waves whenever the sea provides them (just hit me up). With that said this club is awesome for every level of surfer regardless if you use kites, sails or just your arms to get into a wave. Yewwwww!!!

My name is Stephen and I am going to be helping the club host the Scottish Universities Surfing Championships this year. I volunteered last year and suspect I was made an honorary committee member so I couldn’t back out. I’m a 3rd year engineering student and have been surfing for 9 years. I have gotten to know some of the local spots pretty well so if you have any questions just send me a message. I’m always keen to skip Uni if the waves are firing, and if its big, I’ll be out there calling you into the sets. Just ask Loic.