As well as riding waves, another big part of EUWSC is our socials (which we take pride in). These are a great way to get to know your fellow surfers and windsurfers, and what a better way than to bond over alcohol and having a right good party?! In the past we’ve held our legendary Three Legged Pub Crawl, which will be making a comeback this year, and our love for themes shall continue, from Hawaiian to Pirate Party…watch this space.

13241386_1538201883155096_4068733430630779209_nSocials are held every Thursday night, usually at our sponsor pub The Tron, who let us get our wild sides out with our own space down in the basement, home to some of the cheapest drinks in Edinburgh too! As well as going out on a Thursday, if you’re feeling a more chilled vibe, come on down to our lunchtime social held every Wednesday, 1.30pm at Tron. Here you can chat to people from the club, enjoy FREE food, and it’s also a good time to ask committee members any questions.

Kicking things off this year will be our Beach Party, on Saturday 17th September, so let the shenanigans of drinking games, freshers challenges, flat crawls and lock up madness begin. We hope to see some fresh faces this year, so get involved!

Hawaiian Night
Your President in action…
Flat Crawl
Ready to partyy