Day Trips

Once your a member we will accept you to the EUWSC Surfing page. Drivers often post on the page offering spots in there car with a small fee of sharing the cost of fuel. If your free on that day comment bellow to get the spot. We use a first come first basis so if you want to get out on the water keep checking the group for spots.

If you have a car and your new to the club there is no better way to meet other members. Please post if you can spare a seat, I’m sure you guys know how addictive the sport can be.

If all else fails you could get the Train to Dunbar however this is not advised if you plan to take large boards as they can be a little anal about safety of there passengers. The club has 3 inflatable sups perfect for this situation so feel free to take them out instead.

Where to go ?
Along the east coast is some of the best beginner spots in the whole UK. Bellow is a map of those firing most often but be sure to check the forecast before you head out.
People rave about Magicseaweed but I’d take everything it says with a pinch of salt. For a Southern swell check out the St Vedas Webcam and for an Eastern swell check out East Sands.

Works best on a southeasterly and doesn’t need a huge period to work, just a long drive if you’ve only go a short break from lectures.

Not a great spot for beginners unless its particularly small as the beach induces rather steep drops and strong currents. Famously works with several swell directions just remember to not drop in on the locals.

Great beginner spot. Works on a Northern and Eastern swell with usually multiple peaks all the way down the beach. Just never trust anything Magicseaweed says the conditions in the video were apparently 2-3 ft.