Please try and keep it like it is. Treat all the equipment as if it is your own and don’t be a penis about it basically.

Just a few main things:

  • Use only the club boards which are all the ones to the left of the boards in board bags. Hands off any personal boards!!
  • The tails on the boards get the most damaged so make sure you place them back on the grey carpet gracefully and not on the floor
  • Take off your leash after the surf and put them back into the leash bucket provided
  • Wash your wetsuits under the tap after every surf and then hang them back onto the wooden wetsuit rack on a hanger
  • If your board gets dinged, wetsuit gets ripped, fins get snapped etc while surfing its not the end of the world. Just make sure you message me asap so I can get them repaired instead of being a cretin and not telling anyone, as the next person won’t be able to use them
  • Same goes for anything in the lock up. If anything looks broken or damaged let me know
  • As the great Duke Kahanamoku said “out of water, I am nothing” so get yo asses into the sea and make the most of the equipment we’ve got

    Move your mouse over the image to see what we’ve got !

    Beginner Boards Longboards Advanced Boards Private Boards Ali Wetsuits Leashes

    WETSUITS, WESUIT BOOTS and WETSUIT GLOVES all for club use !

    We also have 3 Inflatable Sups which we were hoping to use for surfing this year.