Aussie Kiss

Coming up on the 6th-8th November 2015 is our windsurf ‘Big Trip’ to the national windsurf festival ‘Aussie Kiss’ on the sunny shores of Bude. The festivals been running for 13 years by the SWA and this year its going to be off the chain. For a total of £55 you’ll be blessed with: 2 nights accommodation, BREAKFAST, free beginner windsurf tuition, insightful clinics for more advanced riders, unlimited access to demo kit from 22 sponsors, of course access to our kit as well, tickets to both musical events (including the fancy dress rave), inter-club competitions and UNLIMITED REDBULL. If you’re afraid of water or don’t want to windsurf, they’ve got a ticket for that too !!! Cut out the windsurfing and you’re paying £40 for what basically is a 3 day party. There is honestly something here for everyone. Now after you’ve wiped the drool of your keyboard, first tell everyone about this and second get yourself down to Tron for sign ups,

P.s. You have to be a member to come on the trips, but we can sort that when you sign up.